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Good evening,

Thank you for the positive comments!!

Yes. I plan on trying IMR 4320 and 4831, main reason I have a lot of those 2 powders.

My reasoning for going with H4895 was,

1) I have loaded with it a lot.

2) Was pretty sure I could/would be below 3000 FPS even if I was off by a bit. As it turned out, I was estimating 2700 FPS and reality was almost 200 FPS faster.

3) I knew from loading reduced 30-06 loads for a friends daughter H4895 and 150 gr. jacketed FN for 30-30. Velocity would be fairly consistent without filler.

I will now load some with IMR4320 starting at 45 grs. and work up from there. I will also load some with IMR4831 starting at 55 grs. Both loads should run close to 2700 FPS. Having a friend with a Labradar makes for easy testing speed wise. I know cast boolits slid down the bore easier than jacketed, but I wasn’t planning on 200 FPS faster. The other was how fast the drop was when they get out to 300 yards. The extra 28 feet, to get 300 Meters, made a difference almost double what the 260 Remington had for drop.

Next trip out I will report my results…..

Have an excellent weekend!!!

Darren McCann


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