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I was very happy at this point! New rifle shooting really good at a decent speed. Cleaning patches were sliding through with no resistance, no lead just carbon and lube. Dry patch comes out nice and clean. Time to step it up…..

I had loaded up 30 rounds with 45 grs H4895, the best heavy boolits, lubed with WL 2500 and a annealed aluminum gas check.

Shot 5 at 100 to verify same as before, gong-paper-gong, wet patch-dry patch. Missed the gong….hmmm, 2880 FPS….WoW they are really moving!!! Way faster than I had worked out/guessed. Next shot at the paper… ahhhh….there they are about 3 inches high, next shot gong is a ringing!! Wet patch slips right through way cleaner than the 2200 FPS loads, no lead just a light grey carbon/lube color, dry patch is barely discolored. Looking positive. Shot 5 at the gong all hit all right close together by the lead splats. Again cleans up quick. I had some calculations for drop so went crazy and dialed in the drop for 200 and squeezed off 10 fairly quick. The wind had started to gust around 35 mph and was blowing 3 ways at the same time. It was really swirling the wind flags were really dancing. The Labradar showed a low of 2857 and a high of 2892 FPS. I managed to hit the gong 7 times 2 went low and plowed a furrow under the gong. We guessed one went away to the side in the wind. I dialed in the information for 300 yards I forgot the range was in Meters when I was doing my calculations/guesstimate, I was also using a lower FPS of 2700. We kind of figured one would correct the other?? Kinda like 2 lefts make a right…. I didn’t clean this time just to see how or what would happen. I got settled in, with my left eye watching the close wind flag and seeing the 300 flag with the target, I waited for a calm break. First shot, didn’t see a hole, second shot…yep….there was a hole, third…no hole, fourth….hole, fifth….woohooo a hole!!!

Now it seems kind of anti climatic as I write this but I can honestly say I could hardly contain myself when the Labradar was showing almost 2900 FPS and I was actually hitting paper at 300 Meters. The photo shows 3 small holes by the tape. Those were with my 260 Remington, shows how I had misjudged the distance and how the wind was pushing those fast slippery bullets. The bottom three holes are from NOE 30 XCB at 2880 FPS the other two were just below the paper, leaving nice round holes with black circles in the plywood backer. Next trip I expect the holes to get closer, but I have to call this a very successful trip.

This wouldn’t have happened if Larry didn’t take the time to write the excellent reports about his rifles and was so giving of his time to mentor me in person when I was in Arizona over Christmas. There are also others that I gleaned information from and K&S Arms for building/making the barreled action. I will report more as I shoot this rifle and get more results.

Thank you Larry, your friend and believer in High Velocity cast boolits.

Darren McCann.


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