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Fast forward to May 2nd, and finally a day with nice weather. Calm and 60F at 9am. Packed up and off to the range I go. I meet up with a buddy from Bullseye, he has a Labradar, so no guessing the speed.

Get all set up and targets up at 100 Meters, 200 Meters and 300 Meters or 109, 218.7, and 328 yards. They also have 10 inch steel swinging gongs at each distance.

Started off with some light loads at 100, just to get settled in. Then some at 2280 FPS. I was shooting 5 shots and cleaning. First shot gong, then 3 on paper followed by the last shot at the gong. Push a wet patch through followed by a dry one. Repeat. The target below is 32 grs IMR3031 a half inch square of Dacron filler. Velocity was 2280 FPS the same load without the filler was a vertical string and the only 2010 FPS.



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