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I’m just munching my darn popcorn over here………


I could restore that finish nearly identical to the original (perhaps just a touch finer matt, but I would submit: it’s a modern 1911. Not a antique collector).

Another option is to go full on sweetness and do a two tone Molycoat (very similar to Ceracoat but better). I’m in the middle of a Wilson Combat restoration now and we’re doing a battleship grey semi gloss frame, and a black semigloss slide. Very nice look and about the same cost as getting the edges fixed original. It would certainly hold up better, especially with concealed carry.

The third, most expensive, and most effective option is to have it melonited. This process is nearly as hard as ceramic (it can only be cut with diamond tools), it’s totally impervious to body sweat, and makes your firearm nearly indestructible. Blazer rifles are treated this way. It looks like old time rust bluing, but it’s tough as nails. Definitely a lifetime finish.

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