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I’ve been doing some research and running ft-lb calculations based on available load data. It seems that the 150 grain bullets are able to deliver the heaviest hit at 1400 ft-lbs.

However, that 180 grainer over 4198 was pretty awesome, and uses a powder that I stock already. Seems the three best powders for this caliber are the new CFE BLACK, Accurate Arms 1680, and LilGun. All of which cannot be sourced locally (at least not for a reasonable price) so I’m tempted to stick with what I’ve got.

I like the 170 flat based idea. I can drill a HP in it to get it to open at low velocity. The 168 Amax also sounds like a match made in heaven, but I lose energy with these, and it puts me in a powder that’s hard to get (CFE BLACK, LilGun).

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