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Well, I set up the chronograph today and shot the “reloads”, some 38 Super and something abit heavier…

The factory reloads with the 127gn FMJ clocked at 1134fps and really didn’t make a group worth even taking a picture of, but did have some high and some low.

The 38 Super with 130gn FMJ clocked at 1161fps and had verticle stringing from point of aim to about 6″ low at 25yds.

I had some of the 358-190 Ranch Dogs cast and wondered if what it really needed was a fatter bullet.  So I powdercoated some, and used quickload to come up with a starting point for BlueDot.

I loaded 6.0 grains which gave 963fps at 101% load density, 6.4 grains which gave 1002fps at 108% load density and 6.8 grains that gave 1048fps at 114% load density.  None of the loads had flat primers and the spent cases didn’t go very far.  But none of the targets were anything to be proud of.

So I crimped on some gaschecks and went back to the 6.0 grain load.  This time it gave 949fps and a target that looked like a good starting point.

I’ve got two big problems.  First is the large verticle dispersion of all ammo shot in it.  Second is it is shooting very low.  I was aiming at a target on top of this one.  So I’m thinking a taller rear sight for starters, then try some different powders and velocities?



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