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The ownership/manufacture was more or less what I recalled . The FN seems new but not unfamiliar .

Gansta an gonna chute no UZI . It gots dem sets ona wrong side . 🙂 😉

I wonder who the judge is that is going to be willing to issue search warrants for an entire town for the purpose of enforcement of a city/town ordinance ?
Can you imagine the incidental arrests and secondary warrants for illegal controlled substances because someone has expired prescription pain meds from a root canal, appendix , pulled muscle 3 yr ago . While not illegal of themselves they become catch 22 after the use by date and discretionary enforcement . Then it devolves into a witch hunt with a list of household items that can make whatever and bam the guy with a hot tub , a diesel truck , an art major and a thing for roses that does their own vehicle service is a bomb builder prepared to make an incendiary antipersonnel device ……..

Nope don’t like where that rabbit hole goes .

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