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The BOSS system . Ballistic Optimising something .

The real question would be to find out if a barrel was consistent more because of of its core or case , in a manor of speaking .
Perhaps something like this could provide insight to what makes those Mauser GI barrels shoot beyond their weight .

Beyond aesthetics wouldn’t it be a ticket for a pack rifle to be able to still be a 300 yd rifle at the gain of 2oz and keep a top step load ?

I’ve many times been tempted to buy an M70 or 700 1.25″ bull take off barrel , lots of them are 26″ and chambered for someones pet BR cartridge ….. So cut to 22″ all trace of any chamber is gone and it might make a good bed . Alas I lack the tools skills and as of now and at least the next yr time to do such a test .

I’ll get to go to one more show before I pack up the faux Christmas , that’s what we call it when you open a box in 2 yrs and wonder why you packed that particular thing or find the one you were sure was gone for good .

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