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I got the part about removing metal and barrel flexation/deflection . My curiosity is if we have a premium barrel of optimal internal dimensions and finish what is the exact cost of changing it’s profile .

Let’s take this to a seen but just silly extreme for barrel rigidity . I’ve seen a 1″+ 22 LR barrel 1-9″ twist , I mean really we’re dealing with a 1200 fps 35-40 gr bullet working with like 16kpsi if you broad sided it at mm’s the barrel isn’t going to flex .
If we flip the cartridge to say a 22/06′ give it a 1-9″ load it up with a monolithic brass bullet jacked up to 65 kpsi , it’s going to move a bit . But the bullets are will hit higher and maybe double the 100 yard and in 500 rounds you’ll be looking at a 6mm throat .

The same is going to be true if we apply this to a barrel cut down to a feather weight barrel for the 22 LR but that 22/06′ is going to look like a runaway fire hose .

To a lesser degree the larger the cal gets the more strength loss we will see as the video notes . I’m not sure I agree 100% on the fluting . Because to a point as you add surface area and perpendicular lines you will gain strength and rigidity at least in crush but cooling grooves aren’t on this plate .

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