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I have seen the Marlin chambered in 356 Win, so what’s the pressure difference between the two?

I looked through Quickload for pressures and dimensions.  Maybe someone can look up the sami pressures?

35 Rem 39.9kpsi,  base .460″, max coal 2.525″

356 Win 52kpsi,  base .506″, max coal 2.555″

358Win 58kpsi, base .473″, max coal 2.780″

30-30 base .506″

I wonder if you could get a 30-30 bolt and rechamber for 356Win?

I don’t have a Marlin lever gun, so I’m not sure what the bolt face looks like, or if it would need replaced?  Or just the extractor??

You mentioned hot rodding the 35 Rem.  If they have chambered the same rifle in 356 Win with a max pressure of 52kpsi, then would it be safe to run the 35 Rem at that pressure in the Marlin 336?

Quickload says that with a 20″ barrel and way too much H335, should give 2471fps @ 52kpsi for a 200gn Hornady SPRN.

The same bullet and powder in the 356Win gives 2496fps @ 52kpsi

I wonder what the magic LeverRevolution powder could do in the 35 Rem?

Just some random thoughts, not sure if any of this would correlate to the actual world.

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