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I’m , for lack of a better description , a double cross dominant non ambidextrous shooter ……
I was a left eyed shooter until the left eye vision crash about 15 yr ago . I shot a bow right handed both open during the crash . I’ve also always shot pistols right hand/left eye and long guns left/left .

My rifleman skills are really my only source of “blame it on bad wiring” something to bitch about that I could fix if not for the swirling vortex of life stuff I seem to be wadding around knee deep in all the time .

I’m not near the shooter of many here , ASC or CB , but if it comes to groceries or stopping something I dont imagine there would be any problems . At my “peak” I regularly shot 5″ @50 with the RBH standing off hand field Weaver not great but the load and revolver were only good for about 3″@50 with that chamber that still throws 1 out . I have a couple loads in a few rifles that will go pretty regular inside and inch CTC and from field positions for the mountain west 3″@100 is about as good as it gets , although I have had some much longer shots from 3 ton granite boulders for benches . I shoot 95% from impovised rests that run from an elbow on my hip 3-4 fingers on the fore end to truck hoods to 3 point sitting in the dirt . Truth told I really don’t shoot well from a bench , but a running hog has lost both lungs and a hunk of heart and I did once break a thrown clay pigeon with a 22 LR (shhhh don’t tell anybody but that’ll never ever happen again). I’ve picked off a teal out of a flushing float of coots but I can’t shoot quail whether I sneak them and prep the flush or step on them . I once 7/11 on dove with a full choke 410 . I’ve dinged steel with combinations that were impractical at ranges just plain silly for what I was working with ……. You can use the barrel band of a Marlin 1894C for a hold over point if you can also keep the front sight on the target out to about 325 yds in 357 .

I shoot well enough but I’m no dedicated master , and I can admit that freely .

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