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Thank you to those that have replied.

With pistol boolits I have a set reply. I give dollar for dollar value for WW’s and other lead. Here a bucket of WW’s cost $35.00, so they bring a bucket they get $35.00 of pistol boolits. Which is about 15 pounds. The club guys I shoot with are quite happy with this arrangement.

I haven’t decided about rifle boolits yet. Because he is asking for the very slight imperfection culls, which I have shot with TL and various shotgun powders ~1100 FPS and they will shoot 4 and 6 inch gongs at 100 yards. They went into less than an inch for 10 shoots at 40 yards inside, so they will shoot.

I guess I was looking for a solid reason for a Yea or a Nay. I will give him a 100 or so with some load advice and see if he asks for more……


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