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Oh yeah, there is many perspective.

Where is the one posted about a similar deal on the indoor range,? it was a good read too.

I got a perspective this past weekend. Our local gun club has had problem with shooters on the 500yd range. Folks were missing the berm and skipping bullets who knows where. ( I wonder if I can hit this gong mentality) So the club invented a safety & qualification mandatory before shooting on the long range. I showed up for my safety course Sunday, along with several others.

The original email we got stated to show up with a scoped rifle already sighted in at 100yards prior to the meeting. All I got sighted in & scoped is a janky old mauser for deer in the brush. I took it.

When I get there what do I see? AR’s with bolt action uppers, custom guns, and Tim’s favorite; the Ruger Precision Rifle, many of them. ( all in the latest rage, the (6.5 blowmore).  I took the time to re-verify my zero @ 100yds, then went to the long range benches. I show up to be greeted by all the RPR (ruger-precision-rifle) guys talking about ballistic coefficient of 6.5; RPR, blowmoor, etc., etc., etc. Blah blah blah bullet really flies well, and so on. The instructor says he wants everybody to bang the gong @ 300 to qualify.   so I use Kentucky windage to bang it 2 of 4 rounds.

I’m watching all the RPR crowd, along with their ‘MATCH’ 6.5 blowmoor ammo, and I’m waiting for someone to bang the gong. I did not want to disturb my zero for my deer gun, but cranked it up anyway, like 25 clicks. I took my mil-surp  bandoleer ammo and flogged the gong, both 300 & 500yds.

there is a difference between flogging the gong, and, flogging your dong

My own perspective is that the quality of the ‘salesmanship’ of the RPR and/or the 6.5 Blowmoor FAR exceeds that of the ‘marksmanship’ of those buying it.


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