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Oddly enough, bulk purchase Hornady 55gr SPBT with a moderate load of anything appropriate for this cartridge is a great shooter. My iron sighted weapon will place three in a 1.75″~2″ circle merely aiming 6 o’clock at 100m on a good day and I can see well enough to make it happen. My right eye will, on occasion, blurr at times. I then shift to southpaw. The left eye is clear and also the dominant eye.

FYI: I despise scopes and cannot/will not use them.


But in the time I’ve had this weapon I have been able to shoot quite well with the Hornady 55 SPBT at distance out to 160m [extent of my range] with livable results. Bullet did well enough to drop a 250# boar hog last month. Guess its working good enough.

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