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Quite frankly I was expecting 2 moa or perhaps 2 1/2 moa simply because of the long range. To say I was surprised by the actual precision of the groups (not just one but 4) would be an understatement.  Over the past 10 years working with fast, medium and slow twist .30 caliber barrels shooting cast bullets at high velocity (2200 to 3000+ fps has been a revelation if not a revolution.  The work you, Bjorn and others did along the way was a great asset.  Discovering the nature of what design parameters were needed for a high velocity cast bullet using several “standard” designs led us to the break through NOE 30 XCB design.

Recent testing at 500 yards with a 10″ twist demonstrated right about 2 moa was accuracy was possible at that distance even when pushing the RPM threshold up at 2267 fps.  In the 14″ twist at 2600 fps we found 1.5 moa was indeed possible.  Our concept of keeping the RPM controlled has led us to this level of success at 600 yards by using a 16″ twist barrel, using a cartridge with sufficient capacity for 100% load density with a slow burning powder, using the the 30 XCB bullet cast of #2 alloy, properly weight sorted, GCs properly put on, an excellent lube such as 2500+ thus pushed to 2900 fps has controlled the RPM.  What we have done with the 30 XCB bullet shot from Dawn at 2900 fps is give the bullet about the same RPM as a bullet from a 10″ twist rifle at 1800 fps would have…….right at 130,000 RPM.

It has been claimed we post “negativity” by telling folks they aren’t going to accomplish this level accuracy at this level of velocity (2600 – 2900+ fps) with cast bullets out of “grandpa’s M70 30-06.  Fact is, we do tell them that, but it is not negativity…..it is the truth.

You can shoot cast bullets at true high velocity with amazing accuracy at long range……you just have to do it correctly.

Larry Gibson

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