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Thanks for your reply

Will have to do some looking around .. maybe a used  shorter barrel 9-12 twist

the cost of reloading stuff up here is higher by a fair bit

lowest cost 223 plinker bullets is 12 c each   — 68g and heaver 27 plus cent each — Premium even higher

loaded 62g are .70c each , Primers are 52$ for 1k

if the wife was shooting at the longer ranges all the time I would go with the 7 twist and just pay the $$ but she will most just shoot at the 100 ( with a bit of a drive i could get to a 1000y range)     Have to get her to the 300 club range but still should be able to do that with a 12 or 9 twist

i do have a savage in 9 twist to do varmit shooting if it comes up

all AR’s north of the border are limited to gun clubs only shooting paper. — the black scary gun that you can’t use for hunting.. because they are black and Scary and limited to 5 rounds


Thanks Wayne

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