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Well, I was notified last week that I had received an infraction at castboolits for advertising in my signature line. I have had a reference to my gunsmithing business on that site non-stop since 2012, and now all of a sudden, they decided I’ve committed a crime against the site.

Well, I decided to delete the information I posted in the stickies I had posted over the years. I see no reason to support a site that harrasses the membership like they do. It’s not the same site I loved and supported back then. I tell you, that place was MAGIC when Ken Caldwell was running it. Sure, it has always had its faults, but the moderators had a sort of “iron humility” about them that was directly encouraged by Ken.

I miss it, but there’s no sense crying over spilt milk or sitting in the ashes saying “at least we have this”. No sir. We can do better and we deserve to do better.

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