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Good evening,

I happen to shoot at an almost identical indoor range. I shoot Pardini pistols for both rimfire and Centerfire. I used a Ruger Mark 2 45/22 and added some bits to make it better. Then a used Hammerli rimfire found it’s way into my shooting box. Then decided to get Pardini pistols. They aren’t cheap but you never question if it is you or the gun ever again. I found that with practice and 2 matches a week I had to get rimfire Ammo that was good but also affordable. Last year I used 2 cases of SK plus 22Lr. This year I have switched to CCI SV 22Lr and find it shoots almost as good and it is about $30.00/brick cheaper.

Another good way to get practice in is air pistols. I have a Styer 5 shot that you refill the cylinders from a scuba tank. The match H&N pellets I use cost less than a case(5000)of CCI SV and there is 25,000 pellets in a case. Plus, you can use the scrap/shot pellets in casting boolits for your pistols. By getting a high quality air pistol. I can shoot a full match in the comfort of my basement 10M range. I would, if you have 8-10 yards or meters avaliable at home, highly recommended air pistol for practice.

For Centerfire practice I have the Laserlyte set up on a 45ACP pistol and practice at 10M with it as well. I am amazed how much more effective it is over just dry fire practice. The Laserlyte I use is the rattle can and the laser fits on the rail of the pistol. Works like a charm.

Good luck, practice often, scores will get better the more you shoot……



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