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Ahhhh…the joys of H&G Large heavy multi cavity molds. I have a couple of 10 hole Wadcutter molds. They were easier to use with a large ladle and a plumbers pot than a bottom pour pot. Still a pile of boolits and an empty pot in a short time. I have and cast with a #130 2 cavity and they are really nice in both 45ACP and 45 LC. Excellent job cleaning it up. Before I got to the end of the thread I was thinking “heater up and giver a twirl” even with surface rust I would think it would have dropped good useable boolits.
The quality of a H&G Mold is amazing, even decades old, tons of use and who knows what/where it spent its last days. Casts up boolits like the day it was made!!

Have an amazing weekend 🍺🍺

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