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A little color

I had an open bottle of cold blue , our water is bad for bare iron here , so I wiped 2 passes on everything but the cavities .

Worst of the wear
The worst of the wear and a glimpse of the cavities .

H& G logo

The logo and number .

Clean up after 4 hours in Evaporust.

4 hr in Evaporust and a Chore Boy on the outside a little 0000 steel wool on the inside and sprue faces .

The pictures are backwards ….. Anyway I’m in awe of Evaporust again . Bluing probably wasn’t the best plan but protection is protection , right ?
I gave it a spritz of Rem oil and got the handles back in some sort of not gross shape I’ll have to make or buy grips eventually .
What’s a guy to do having a new mould and a snow day ? Yep go run a few pours …………oh my ….I so totally get it . Yeah see this is what that brass M-P was supposed to be like . No I’m not crazy about cutting 8 sprues at a time . I know how the handle got tweeked and the alignment pin hole got wollered out . To borrow from Cheech Marin ” baby if this is casting in bulk sing me up!” .
Wow it warmed right up on the uncovered hot plate while the melt was happening , the trough makes pours so easy , the 3rd pour (inspite of all the chemicals) delivered 8 perfect bullets .

Across the 8 cavities there’s 1 fat at .455 and 1 skinny at at .4537 tell rest are .454 they dropped 191.3-192 gr .
I guess I did alright .

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