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Attended the security seminar last nite. Training in attitude and response from an ex-marine security type that does big event protection details.  Lots of credentials.  Lots of real info vs the media hype.  Lots of firsthand analysis/comments on active shooter situations.  His biggest complaint is cellphones.  Calls them the white state (condition you should be in when home asleep).  We should be in the active observer state, looking for ‘something that isn’t right for the conditions’.  Then to the ‘what to do if it goes bad’  BEFORE it could!  Very much related to defensive driving.  Then he mentioned that ‘black’ condition – where the adrenaline rush shuts down the senses/response.  You don’t want to go from white to black – you won’t survive. Basic panic state. No discussion of tactical training or really any real comments about guns.  basically there will be casualties in attack situation, don’t be one.  I was somewhat disappointed in that he didn’t give recommendations on securing spaces or security plans/methods.

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