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Still developing a good load for my 1933 HEX Tula Mosin 91/30, I’m shooting a 215 gr. .314″ gas check bullet lubed with LARS 2500+ I had Tom over at Accurate Molds cut it a little larger for me. I had two ladder test loads five rds. each with 33.0 and 34.0 grs. of H-4895. The 33.0 gr. load shot really well but the 34.0 gr. loads was excellent and I still have room to go, next outing I will load up some 35 & 36 gr. loads as well as some PC’ed version of the same loads and see how they compare. Once I settle on a load with good velocity and accuracy to match I put the loads through the chrono. The 34.0 gr. load is definitely a keeper.

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