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Glenn, It may be the oven temperature is way off (almost all countertop ovens temperature settings are off due to the design, some up to 100° off.

Place a couple (cheap) oven thermometers in the middle of the shelf you bake on they cost <$5 (buy 1 and borrow 1 to make sure the first one is accurate) turn on the oven and adjust the temperature until the thermometers read 400°. Mark the oven and note what the temperature setting is. every time there is a major change in the temperature of the area where the oven is you need to re-check the setting.

Most companies recommend baking for 10-15 min in a preheated oven @ 400 degrees. I’d go 15 min to be safe.

the substrate (bullet) needs to reach and maintain a certain temperature for a certain amount of time for the coating to completely cure. Many guys go 20 min but I feel that is over-kill. A bullet can look good but not be completely cured.

A convection oven is preferable, the fan circulates hot air maintaining an even temperature throughout the oven.

I got a nice Oster convection oven for $20 @ a thrift store, decent ones can be had locally/online for around $50

One thing you can do to help your oven is cover the floor of the oven with a heat retaining material, I use ceramic BBQ briquettes others use firebrick, metal pieces or? Just something to help the oven get back to temperature faster after it has been opened

After baking a batch of bullets, wait until they are completely cool then place one on an anvil/hard metal surface and smash it to 1/8 in thick. you should get no flaking/chipping if baked long enough @400°

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