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Our schools should be castles, yes with MOATS! Drawbridges, Porticulus that can be dropped.

Make it impossible for a bad guy to get a gun inside.

And make it attractive as heck for everyone who works in the school to get training.
Training on how to use a gun in a school hostage situation.

And then invest in some tech that would require

A School to be on lockdown.
B Person trying to open the gun safe to be recognized, and accepted.
C Person knows the code, has the RFID chip, retinal pattern checks.

D Once all those conditions are met, then and only then release the gun.

E Ideally IMO it should be a shotgun. Better knockdown with less over penitration.

F Button to put the school on lockdown should not be in the same room as the gun.
And ideally should require 2 teacher imputs.

Until we see the truth in Larry’s post we will continue to do this.

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