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Well, you guys answered my question. thanks.

I am looking at the ability to go on African hunt, an international job application is in current progress. If I am already on the other side of the world, how much could it cost to change planes in africa, (or Mediterranian) and go on a hunt? Hells bells, I’ll be changing planes anyway, I’ll just make that plane change convenient for the occasion.

Importation of your hunting rifle is a hassle, therefore I’m thinking of single 7×57 rifle, registered as transfer weapon, then just ship a dumb barrel in 9×57, or 35whelen, or some such combo of a light vs heavy game combo. All the hunt guides I read about thus far indicate 2 rifles, 1 light (7×57 or similar) and 1 heavier. Paperwork for just 1 rifle with 2 barrels might be easier.

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