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Yes, but the reason they are doing this is because the threat of war with the USA looms ever closer, and many of our allies have recently set new world records for sniper effectiveness on human targets in the arid middle east climate (which is very good for sending bullets through if nothing else) and they knew they were not going to fare any better than the Taliban with their current tactics and equipment. Counter sniper capability is a very very real necessity if you want to take on the US or any of our allies because shooting is what we do. It’s a fact of life that you cannot ignore a pissed off American who knows how to shoot. I doubt their cute new rifle is going to make that much difference for them in the real world (they only let their people grow up with shotguns) but the propaganda sure looks interesting.

I know more than my fair share of real professional snipers, and those guys are magicians with a rifle, they dam near have a degree in psychology, they’re sneaky as a bad case of the crabs, they know more about their enemy than their enemy knows about his goats, they get off on making hell seem like a safe place, and our government gives them the very best tools, tech, and training to help them be our enemy’s worst reoccurring nightmare.

Those ruskies are going to need a lot more than a fluted barrel and a fancy piece of fiberglass. It’s NOT a level playing field. The odds will always be unfairly in favor of the US soldier because they got there first, did that better, made her scream, made him cry, and wrote it all in a love letter stapled to a corps with a Kabar.

The earth does not supply materials capable of building a better long range rifle than US gunsmiths make for our troops, DNA does not exist that is superior to that in the US soldier’s genome, and technology will always be measured by how close it comes to that made in the USA.

Sorry for the pro-USA rant, but some of that article is absolute bunk.

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