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I own 2 heavy bench rifles built by Tim. One is Bertha, built on a very rare commercial single shot M98 action originally purchased from Zmanwakeforest. The rifle was my main test bed throughout the XCB test project, although back then (mainly 2014) she wore a couple of fitted barrels.

Tim converted Bertha into a switch barrel rifle a couple of years ago, and it’s the rifle he holds on the opening page of this forum. I currently have 2 barrels for the rifle: a Shilen 1:17 twist in 30BR, and a Broughton 1:12 twist also in 30BR. It’s currently being shipped back to Tim for the chambering and headspacing of a third barrel, a Brux 1:14 in 30BR to be used exclusively for cast bullets.

The other rifle is Felix, a 1909 Argentine Mauser that Tim made into a single shot. It wears different barrels in 30XCB and 35XCB.

The barrels are switched by an ingenious tool made by Tim; it takes less than a minute to swap out a barrel. I’ll post some pictures in a separate post (no pics on this computer).

As for your question in the OP; both these rifles shoot to the same POA with the respective barrels after they have been swapped out. No difference between the barrels. It’s an excellent way to have a bunch of heavy bench guns at a reasonable cost.


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