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OK, so they are outgunning the US McMillan 338 Lapua Magnum long range rifle, by upgrading from a souped up AK-47 to this T-5000 rifle. A fancy bolt action rifle shooting……..the same goddam cartridge we’ve been using for years? I don’t see that as outgunning us. That’s just pulling your head out of your rear end and trying to get up to the same level as the USA. And I might remind you that we’ve been shooting this type of system and training our sniper teams with these types of rifles for a loooong time.

Other countries may copy us, and even make some lucky long range hits, but make no mistake, worldover, precision begins and ends in the USA.

American shooters are born and raised in a country where marksmanship is encouraged from a young age, and our snipers are the most naturally talented shooters in the world using the finest equipment in the world and the most deadly tactics. I could outbuild that fancy Russian POS rifle with half my brain tied behind my back and so could our Army gunsmiths. 1/2MOA at 200 yards? That’s real cute. I’m sure to a Russian that’s really damned impressive especially when he’s already had his morning bottle of vodka. I believe I’d like to see the ten shot group to go with that boast.

This article was written by a commie.

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