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BjornB may weigh in here. He owns two of my switch barrel Mausers and has three or four barrels for each of them. He could speak to the POI consistency.

Personally, I would think that Mauser threads are too course to provide a perfect realignment every time.

BTW, blueprinting the receiver is much more involved than facing it off. It has to do with re-machining all the critical surfaces inside the action for a perfect fit, and doing this to Mausers is a pretty tall order due to the surface hardening.

Facing off the receiver is just that, but has no bearing on a typical Mauser as the barrel does not seat against the face of the receiver (unless the gunsmith changes it to do so for some reason, which I have). The barrel on a typical Mauser seats inside the action, and that’s the surface that needs to be correct, however, on some Mausers, the internal seat is too far gone to clean up without cutting through the hard surface, which is one very good reason why the face of the action is trued and the barrel is seated against it.

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