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I went and saw it also.  As a Special Forces NCO (Weapons, Intell/Operations and as a Team Sergeant with 22 years on A Teams let me say this about a movie with SEAL advisors about a Special Forces A Team……..it was a good shootem up film……..

Otherwise it was about 12 SEALs impersonating an A Team…..and not very well at that.  The SF team members all acted like SEALs.  Their operational BS also was like SEALs.  It wouldn’t be the Warrant Officer going to the BN Commander to keep the Captain on the Team.  It would be the Team Sergeant going to the Bn Sergeants Major who would then tell the Bn Commander it would be a good idea if that Captain “accompanied” his troops.

All of the voting and asking for volunteers in the field is SEAL BS…on an SF A Team that is all decided in isolation.  How the Team breaks up is also decided, it’s SF  doctrine and known before deployment.  They didn’t show any part of isolation (That’s where the mission planning and preparation occurs and it wasn’t in the movie because SEALs sorely lack in planning if they do any at all).  It’s the Team Sergeant that makes those decisions because he runs the Team, not the Captain and not the Warrant (they get all the credit and glory but that’s ok, Team Sergeants and the other NCOs understand that)…..can anyone who saw the movie tell me who the Team Sergeant was?  If you can you’ve more SF experience than I……I could only guess.

Also that frat boy BS wouldn’t happen because SF are professional soldiers and conduct themselves as such.  The Team Sergeant (the guy who really runs the team) would throw the grab assers off the team because an A Team is no place for immature imbeciles.  It’s not the group commander that deploys teams in theater (assuming the bald colonel was the Group Commander) it is the Bn Commander who didn’t really say anything like a battalion Commander would.  On 9/11 in what I suppose was the BN HQ he sounded like a Marine or SEAL lieutenant.  I could go on and on but enough…….

None the less it is a good shootem up and the good guys kick ass and win for a change……..well worth seeing.

Larry Gibson



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