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I’m not sure about the Face over the N, but the rest of it looks similar to the rifles that were made in the Arab countries by small shops that would take a rifle, Mauser, and duplicate it, then pass it along to the next shop…

They would crank out a complete rifle starting from scratch, then use that as a pattern for future work.  Some of the patterns would be passed along to the next shop… so the tolerances might slip going from one shop to the next, so parts would not necessarily be interchangeable from one shop to the next…

The safety looks like one of the ones you can get commercially, the MKII ??, from Brownells??

I’d be interested in seeing how it shoots.  A chamber cast might be in order to see how close the chamber is.  If it’s longer than spec, you could always seat a bullet out long to engage the rifling, then fireform to make brass to fit your chamber.

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents worth.

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