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It’s ironic to me that as a conservative republican, myself and many around me have talked about the so-called ‘deep state’, the government’s own objective, the left’s objective, the media’s objective, etc., Then as of the last month or so there is info coming out that makes us wonder:

“we all thought of, and talked of, a far left conspiracy, and the most recent news is revealing that we were perhaps not a far-right winger, but rather we are left wondering just far deep is the roots of the far left conspiracy?   ”

I used to take my own thoughts with a grain of salt so to speak, maybe I was out of mainstream of ‘reality’.

But recently, the ‘reality’ is that thus far there is way too many of my fears coming out with proof and documents.

Just look at the FBI, DOJ, Dossier, FISA warrant, Trump trolling, Mueller witch hunt, Obama right wing haters, add all that up. ALL the stuff that the ‘right-wingers’ were bashed on, is coming true !!!!!


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