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In my testing of the 30 XCB bullet (mostly shot in heavy bench rifles using the 30×57 cartridge), I always weight sorted the bullets identically to what Larry is explaining. I would then ONLY load the “top of the curve” bullets for group testing, the rest would be foulers. When mixing inferior bullets for the purpose of testing, I would always get results similar to Larry’s.

As for the mould temperature issues brought up by kens, I can add that I started out with a 4-cavity brass mould, casting so many bullets with it that it had to go back to Al for adjustments after a few months. I then bought a 5-cavity aluminum mould so I could keep the production going, and I immediately got bullets that differed substantially in weight from the brass mould bullets. We’re talking 2-3 grains weight difference with alloy from the same batch.  This didn’t seem to matter much when it came to accuracy; after weight sorting I saw no difference in target results. I still find it worth noting that the 2 moulds produced different weight bullets. A third XCB mould, a 2-cavity alumin,  produces identical bullets to the 5-cav.

Thanks Larry for a very well written post.

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