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I recently cast a batch of 35XCB bullets and the majority of them came out heavy and large diameter.

I called NOE to question his mold, and he told me about mold temps. He says that aluminum molds can vary such as I have due to mold temps. I never had thought of it, but aluminum expands more with temperature than iron or brass.

It makes sense to me that a HOT aluminum mold will throw larger bullets, and as such heavier.

When weight sorting as above it makes sense that the heavy bullets are the most filled out, but, here is my next question:

Are you weight sorting by diameter? the larger diameter would be heavier. Now we must ask are you (we) sorting by mold temperature? dont get me wrong here, I am not disputing Larry by any means, but I am only introducing another angle on the weight sorting thing as it may relate to mold temp.

It has all been discussed before about the amount of sizing per particular diameter, to achieve a amount of accuracy, and so on. Personnally, I think mold temp is just as much a factor in all this as the weight sorting myself. I have not tested this, but do believe this to be just as much a factor.

What you others say?

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