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The next test was with the weight sorted XCBs loaded over my match load in the .308W to test in my M70 Match rifle.  This is the rifle I use in the “Commercial Rifle” (CBA BR Matches) matches over at Ben Avery Range with the Phoenix CBA bunch.  This rifle also has a Leupold 6.5×20 Target scope on it.

This first target is with a mix of the 3 top weights (157.7 gr, 157.8 gr. 157.9 gr) with 3 each of the first 2 and 4 of the last.  This group includes the foulers out of the clean barrel as they go very close to group.  The first 3 foulers are marked and shots 4 through 10 then went into one small cluster of .584”.  The overall group including the foulers is 1.031”

The scope elevation was then adjusted down 3 moa to get close to the aiming point. The next group was with 4 shots each of the 157.8 gr and the 157.9 gr along with the 2 remaining lighter weight sorted out 157.3 gr XCBs.  They were mixed when loaded so the test was “blind” so to speak.  The group size was 1.692” with 8 shots going into .892”.   Wonder which 2 shots were the lighter weight bullets…..?

Well now, one can’t be sure based on just one test so I conducted a second “blind test.  Same 4 each of the heavier bullets with 2 157.4 bullets mixed in so I didn’t know which was which when I shot them.  The group size was 1.947” with eight shots going into .615”.  Again given the almost mirror image of this group with the last one I wonder which 2 shots were the lighter weight bullets…..?

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