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Just when things were going good a guy shows up to test a prototype (they make them here in Lake Havasu) AR in 30-06.  It had a 16” barrel with a horrendous muzzle brake.  He parked himself on a bench 4 down from me.  Every time he shot it felt like a grenade going off next to me.  I had to put plugs in my ears plus the muffs over my ears.  I tried shooting between his shots but I still managed to flinch off a shot of two as the test progressed.  If that happened I called the shot (all went to call) and marked it.  Thankfully I had at least 10 shots for the remaining group tests or additional loaded to get a 10 shot group.

The 157.3 weight put 6 of the 10 shots “to group”.  There was 1 call in this group.  Group size is 1.555” without the call shot.

The next weight, 157.4 gr, grouped into 1.750” for 9 shots.  There was one definite called shot (ok, I flinched it off……).

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