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The Bighorn Armory rifles are American made, with a custom designed action. Very similar to the 1886 or 92, but not at all interchangeable.

I’ve had one of their rifles in my hands, and I was impressed. I would say that Bighorn is head and shoulders, the finest American made lever action rifle on the market. It’s true the pricetag is steep compared to the cheapo beepo, mass produced, looks like the real thing lever actions on the market, but they are right where they need to be if you consider the cost of a Winchester 1886 back in the day vs. inflation.

The fact of the matter is that this is what firearms used to cost before America went totally bonkers with cheap gun syndrome.

My only problem with the BHA lever is the caliber selection. I’d much they offer it in a 600 yard flat shooting cartridge. The 500S&W is a wonderful option for less than 200 yard shooting, but that power could be put to much better use in my humble opinion.

That said, it puts the 45-70 across it’s knee and spanks it soundly.

All in all, a superb lever action, made in the old tradition, and worth every penny.

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