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I wish I could shoot Bullseye indoors, but I can’t but outdoors it alright.

I shoot NRA sanctioned matches at a gun club east of Memphis TN, 1st & 3rd Saturdays probably starting in Feburary.

The Smith 41 used to be the gold standard for the rim fire matchs. I have used a Ruger MK 2 for years. I have been using a Benelli MP-90s for about 12 years. It shoots a whole lot better than I do.

I used an out of the box Para Ordnance P14 with iron sights for years and it shot fair but I was trying to learn the game. Now I have a 1911 that I sent to a Smith in South Carolina along with a check for about $1200 and it will shoot the 10 ring at 50 yards, it also has a RedDot on the slide. The spring has been swapped out to accommodate the weight of the Dot . I use the 1911 for center fire & the .45 matchs. I keep .45’s loaded by the 1000s. Some of the shooters I know use a 9mm or a .32 for the Center Fire match and I almost went with a .32 and decided just to use the .45 for both matches.

I always used the 200 SWC pushed with 3.9 of Bullseye. It worked great for years. Now I use a 160 grain Valiant SWC and push it with 4.5 grains of BE.  There is less felt recoil with the 160 vs the 200. But to each his own.

Shooting a 1911 at 50 yards off hand can be a very humbling experience starting out and still is to this day. The main thing is to have fun and not to be too hard on yourself starting out. Most of us compete with ourselves, by that I mean just try and get better with each match and enjoy the company of fellow shooters.

If you need help with anything, ask away.

Len H.


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