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Precision is everything in Bullseye. I’ve not played the game myself, but I build the guns for it.

You have the right gun in rimfire (the 41 is above reproach) but for centerfire, the 1911 is your best bet IMHO, both because of the ease with which you can get it shooting precisely, and the fact that a bigger bore cuts the line more easily. We used huge X7 arrow shafting when shooting 5 spot indoor archery competition back in the day for the same reason. Bigger arrow touches more lines.

I don’t know what shape your 1911 is in, but I suggest you buy a Kart precision barrel (or similar), fit a tight bushing, install some excellent grips, do something about the trigger, and get some target sights on it. That will make you competitive, but if you show up with a stock Springfield GI, it’s going to be a humbling experience (which it probably will be anyway at first). If you want to scare the competition, you’ve got to have the basic equipment and skills.

Remember that the X ring is 1.75 inches at 50 yards (that’s about the size of a golf ball) and that is one small target to be tagging that far away with a common rimfire rifle, let alone a hand gun.

The 200 grain semi-wad-cutter is the bullet for this, as is best propelled by a medium charge of Bullseye powder. Plug and play. Good ammo is good ammo, but it means nothing if you don’t have the barrel, sights, grips, trigger, and slide to frame fit to send it straight.

If you’re unfamiliar with the finer points of 1911 smithing, feel free to ask in the gunsmithing section. I can give you step by step instructional answers to your questions.

Best of luck, and have fun! I’m envious of the time you have to pursue this sport!

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