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I got a couple SKS, they are fun, and I got them when the ammo was $99/spam can.

Gosh, those days are long gone !!!

Since this thread is a SKS thread, on a forum with many gunsmith’s on it, and it already mentioned a gas cut off, straight-pull action, I want to ask this:

What if you took a SKS and removed all the military hardware (grenade launcher et. al. ), removed handguard, removed everything else, rebarrelled it to any of the 39mm derivitives (7.62×39, 6mmPPC, 22PPC), and DID NOT drill the gas port. Only shoot it as a straight pull action. Find a good sight to mount either on the rear cover, or, scout mount.

My basic thought here is straight-pull action, and GOOD sights, good barrel, on any of the 39mm platform rounds.

What are you guys thoughts? yea or nay?

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