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Mine is a Yugo with the grenade launcher, ladder sights, and gas shut off.

Stock has some stories to tell on mine. A name scratched into it, couple of deep pits, a burn. I wish it could talk.

I ended up working up 2 very different loads for mine.
20 grains of IMR 4895 under the Lee .312 185 gr gas checked. Yes this is a large bullet for this rifle. The old girl seems like them big and set long.

I have a AR500 plate on a steel angle iron frame. The SKS is the only rifle I ever shot it with that could tip it at will. Just takes 2 quick shots and timing.

Those 185 gr bruisers were knocking the paint off the backside of the plate where they hit.

The other load is 4.6 grains of Red Dot under the little .314 90 gr truncated cone bullet. No it won’t cycle the action. Turn the gas off, makes it into a straight pull bolt action shooting machine.

You don’t even have to push the bolt forward, just jerk it back and release.
Brass stays right there on the bench, easy to find. Pokes holes in paper even chaper than Tulammo. No gas check, 4 cents for primer 1.5 for lead, another 1.5 cents for powder. So for about the same price as CCI Mini mag hollow points, more speed, more smack, and you get to put them on stripper clips and shoot it out of the SKS. That’s win win in my book.

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