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Well I can’t find the data I wrote down for the last round so I’m flying blind again for the 120 SST bullets . I’m once again dumfounded by the lack of data for such popular bullets …. I didn’t remember this being so hard to find data .
In fits of frustration I tinkered with some other things . I have several 6.5 moulds so I rolled a few up in paper just to check to see if they would feed . The OM barrel would slash and wad up patches not the ARP . Clean feed from the mag with bolt drops dry patches stayed where they were supposed to be . OAL was a little short after the first feed test but the second and third time there was no change .

I think all of my notes are in the Lyman manual I gave my buddy Jorge to read on to get started reloading .
I’m thinking about leaving him his dies , a press , scale and a few odds and ends of brass .

I didn’t do any shooting and probably won’t until I find that data again ……it’s with the 7×6.8 data so it’s pretty important that I find it soon .

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