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THAT kind of technology is kinda cool, but, it is a long way out, and it doesn’t exist in reality today.

But, THIS kind of technology does exist, it is real, it is flying, and you can buy one.

exotic upholstery, exquisite hardwood interiors, wi-fi, coffee pots, cup-holders, wet bar, stewardess, crystal shot glasses, 6,000 mile range @ mach .9 with a touchpad cockpit,  infrared vision HUD (heads up display), programmable auto-pilot, auto throttle & auto brakes.


I forgot to mention that, as you fly along @ mach .9 in your leather seat, drinking your cognac out of your crystal shot glass, eyeballing your stewardess in fishnet stockings, you can adjust the mood lighting on your smartphone.

now, THAT my friend, is technology. !!!!!

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