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I bought a tool for the sights . $10 ……. Damned money pit tinker toy erector set modular …… Where was I ?

Oh right some load work up .
After a little bit of inspection and a modification to see sideways with the $19 cell phone endoscope I decided I should shoot some more jacketed in it . The barrel is a 200 round take off and should be slicked up but had some copper stuck to it that seemed to be causing me some grief . I’ve stumbled onto some 90 gr HP Speer bullets and …….well that’s too easy . Looks like 29.8 of H322 will drop brass at 3:00 and off a 3 point sitting knee rest shoot an inch as long as I do my part .

The $140 trigger is nice but at this time I see no gains on either end over the run in polished GI trigger it replaced . The ambidextrous safety is nice though so it can stay .
My buddy Jorge hates the bird cage . No guesses about speed but the groups are a huge improvement .

This will give me the opportunity to revisit H4198 with cast .
The gas block moved and one load displayed no left right deviation but 3″ of vertical stringing . As the loads decreased in charge the groups opened up but this one was the 3rd load the only thing touching other than the B nut is the gas tube so I got nothing and have to write it off to load quirk .

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