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I picked up a stick of 1/2″ round Aluminum from Home Depot, drilled and tapped for 1/4×20, and cut it off at .820″ to match the 1/2″ hole I drilled in the tang area of the stock.  I filed a couple of grooves around it to give the glue something to hold onto.

Next I screwed it onto the tang with a new 1/4×20 1″ Stainless allen screw, plugged the bottom of the hole with some plumber’s putty  and degreased it.  I put a light coat of oil on the bottom and sides of the tang to keep it from getting glued in place.

I mixed up some epoxy, coated the inside of the hole and smeared some around the new pillar.  Then squished it all into the stock and tightened the pistol grip screw to hold things together.

I gave it a couple of hours to set up, pulled the screws out and popped the action out of the stock to let it finish curing over night.  I also turned the head of the allen screw down to fit inside the channel of the tang.

The air conditioning guy is coming over tomorrow to finish installing the heat pump in the shop, so it may be a couple of days before I’ll be able to shoot it and see if it made any difference.

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