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I think you aught to see about replacing your recoil springs with new music wire extra power springs. That will soften up the abuse on that tang screw quite a bit.

I think putting an insert in there might not be too bad of an idea, but angling it, I’m not too sure about. Your call.

Personally, I’d screw the stud into the tang with the new screw, apply a liberal amount of 10110 bedding compound in an oversized bedding hole, and let it set up with electricians tape holding it in place. This is a great trick that’s kind of a catchall reinforcement that will go a long way toward bolstering up that stock.

The other thing I wonder about is if indeed this was going on behind the scenes while you were shooting those groups up yonder, how much effect did it have? Im guessing quite a bit. The accurate shot is a very dynamic event where everything plays together towards one goal (as you know) and something like this could really wreak havoc with an otherwise less than ideal shooting scenario. Things might tighten up quite a bit now that this is fixed!!!

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