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Well, I found some nice 6 hole Weaver rings to mount the new Crossfire scope in.  I hope that will hold things in place.

I had noticed that the stock bolts were working loose while shooting, so as long as I had the Locktite out doing the scope, I thought I’d just do the stock bolts also.  I went to unscrew the tang screw and it broke right off.  A closer inspection showed that the stock was starting to split around the tang screw.

I got the old screw pulled out and thought that I’d better reinforce the area before I tried putting it back together.

So I scrounged up some no.8 brass machine screws and cut them just short of the width of the stock.  Then drill a couple of holes, one on each side of the tang screw hole.

I spread the crack apart with a small screw driver, then worked some 2 part epoxy into the crack.

I filled the holes with 2 part epoxy, coated the screws with a light coat, then hammered them inplace, ending up just under the surface, so I could use some wood putty to fill the holes.

Once everything looked close enough, I wrapped some wax paper around the repair and blocked it up in the vise with some light pressure.

I’ll check it in the morning and hopefully have it all put back together by noon.

I’m wondering about the rear tang screw.  This is the second Mak-90 that I’ve had to repair the wood in the exact same place.  I’m guessing that the rearward travel of the bolt and carrier is slamming to the rear and is what led to the screw being beaten until it cracked and the stock splitting.  I’m pretty sure that the epoxied in brass machine screws will hold the wood together.  The tang screw is just a wood screw.

I’m thinking about making a pillar out of aluminum or something, drill out a larger hole, epoxy it in place and use a machine screw for the tang instead.

I was also thinking about angling it slightly so as it was tightened, it would pull the action back against the stock, kind of like Ruger does.

Or should I just get a small hardened lag bolt to take the place of the tang screw and see if that will be enough with the reinforced wrist?

Any thoughts?

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