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Charlie we sell the Sightmark Brand…

The good

Sight Mark has a over the counter return policy or at least in our store it works that way.

Reflex Sights are easy peasy depending on which one you choice there is even a auto on feature when the rifle goes in motion.

Sightmark does have a shield to protect the optics when you set up into the 200 dollar range.

In a conversation with our rep I asked him about return ratios for repeatability issues in the scope lineup not reflex, he responded that it tops out at 1%.

The bad… name brand recognition …


In almost a year I have only replaced 2 Sightmark scopes over the counter (both time was user twisting on the knobs with the locks engaged, same user). Only thing ever done on reflex was replace the battery user did not know how.

I haven’t put one on a rifle yet to try out the quality myself, but they seem to be a good choice for a budget scope.

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