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My father was never on the internet, but he railed against it for years.

Prostitution, pornography and wickedness.


Like you would know dad.


The internet is not that different from any street in any city.

Where you end up depends on where you go and what you are looking for.

You can end up in a library, or you can end up in a crack house. Or in a west Memphis slum loaded with whores, pimp’s and drug dealers.  Been there done that and it only took one wrong turn.


Internet is no different.

The internet is also main street, where business is done daily.

The internet is also government, city, local, county, state and federal.

And with out it, nothing works.


Sheriff rides in and throws up a roadblock on the internet in order to start imposing rules life is going to get a little interesting.


Personally I liked the wide open net.  I was cautious, watched where I stepped, treated people with respect, and had very few problems. It already has controls on it that it never used to have.


I don’t know what the ultimate answer is.

I just know it will be interesting getting there.

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