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    There is a prior thread I mentioned the RPR (Ruger precision rifle):

    Perspective ……

    I went to the range today and the RPR was there and did not disappoint. It displayed it’s own customer base yet again.

    A guy is there with his RPR, bipod, monopod, et al, and talks about the 6.5mm blah blah blah, flies so well. He says it is a 1/4 MOA rifle out of the box. My first thought is to ask him to “fly one of those frikkin fine bullets into that golf ball @ 300yds.”. I digress, I kept my thoughts to myself.

    There was another guy there on the long range with a M98 military dress of some sort. He was wailing it, the rifle, getting the barrel good and hot. He hit the 18″ gong @ 300 2 of 5 times. The guy with the RPR, scope, bipod, et al, hit it 2 of 4. What’s the big deal, really?

    The surprise of the day was a southpaw with a nice looking hunting rifle. It appeared to be a Cooper or similar hunting style rifle, laminated stock, left hand. He stuffed his magazine and hit the gong methodically, slowly, (letting barrel cool?) 4 of 5 times.

    The guy with the ‘1/4 MOA RPR’, I wanted to inform him that ‘1/4 MOA’ was that GOLF BALL @ 300yds, every single shot from that long stacked magazine protruding out the bottom of his benched rifle. But I digress, I kept quiet.

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    Some how an “LoL 🙂 :p ” just feels lacking for a story like this .

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